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We have decided to have only a few crias born each spring so that we can properly work with each one.  It is preferable that crias have other crias to romp and play with and to learn and train with.  
Beginning with the day the cria is born, time is spent touching and desensitizing so that it will accept proper handling.  Over the next several months, time with the cria continues and includes training to easily halter, lead, learn to load into a trailer, lift their feet for toe nail trimming, and walk into a chute for shearing, doctoring, and deworming.  Once they are weaned at six months, they are ready to be a companion to their new owner.  Of course, a weanling needs to be with other llamas to continue to learn how to be a llama.  Some llamas have bold personalities and some are much more timid.  It’s not until a llama is mature, at about three years old, that it will become a possible guard llama. 
Triple T's Checkboard  (Checkers) 
Dolly gave birth to a beautiful male cria, Checkers, on May 15, 2011.  She carried this little guy for 360 days.  Whew!  He weighed 30 lbs and is strong and playful.  He loves to play chase after Rosebud and is practicing his "kick" against any predator, including the simple fallen limb or weed, which is so cute!  He is already responding to our desensitizing methods and will be leading before long.  He will be listed For Sale and ready in Nov, 2011, after six months with his Mom.


Triple T's Rosebud
 Holly gave birth to a beautiful female cria on March 31, 2011.  We came home from work to find Rosebud up and walking about.  She is light brown with a tint of almost pink.  She has Holly's walk with a little prance about her.  We are thinking that maybe we should have named Kiss Me Kate since she loves to give kisses, especially to Checkers.  He's not all that impressed with her, but we enjoy it.  

Rosebud is a tall little girl and weighed 32 lbs at birth.   


Here she is at 7 weeks old.  She is growing up fast and is especially sweet!  At this point, we do not plan on selling Rosebud.  


Triple T's Spring Fever  (Fever)   FOR SALE!!!

Winter delivered an Easter baby, April 4, 2010.  He's a beautiful male cria that weighed 24.2 lbs and was up and eating and nearly running within an hour.  Winter is doing a great job of mothering her first cria.  His sire is Triple Threat and with Triple's wonderful, heavy fiber and Winter having the same, Fever should have a really nice coat.  Fever's coloring is a mixture of Triple's paint and Winter's merle.  Very interesting!!  Did I tell you how beautiful I think he is???  

Fever moved but his new owner has had a change of plans (no fault of his) and Fever and his buddy, Cowboy need a new home!!!  They are both super sweet young llamas and will make awesome sires or pets!  





Triple T's Cowboy  

Cowboy was born September 30, 2010 and boy does he love to show off!!  He is son to Catalina Cowgirl (CC) (ID# 255239) and his sire is Yanni Is Top Knotch (ID# 196941).  He sold in the spring but his new owner needs to make a change.  He is now for sale.  Being a real sweet male, easy to handle, and such beautiful presence about him, he will make a nice addition to a llama herd.



Below are our crias that we have placed with other families in Texas.  They no longer live on our farm, but I am posting their pictures so that you can see the variety of colors and fiber types that llamas can produce.  


Crias from 2009:  (all sold)


Triple T's Espresso Beans   Beans is SOLD and now with the Bradley's near Houston, Tx.  
JoJo gave birth to a little boy cria on Friday, 04/10/09.  What a beauty!  His sire is Triple Threat, who really did a great job of marking his boys.  The dark markings on Beans are gorgeously complimented with a bronze coloring mixed in.  I can't wait to spin some of this fiber! 
Beans is an entertaining llama!  He's had a funny personality since birth, with a daily happy dance and inquisitive nature!  He loves to see people coming to visit him in the pasture and comes running in hopes that one has food, of course.  He stays around just to see what's going on and if he can help, possibly.  









Triple T's Emanuel  (Manny) SOLD!
Holly quietly went into labor Wednesday afternoon and surprised me during the evening feeding time.  She gave birth in her pen while eating her dinner.  We are thankful that the delivery was normal and a beautiful boy was born.  Triple T's Emanuel (Manny) weighed 27.4 lbs and within an hour was up and eating.  By nightfall, he was running behind his Mom and jumping and bouncing about.  
Manny is sharing sweet kisses with his mom, Holly.  Of course, Winter is checking him out.  He has similar markings to his sire, Triple Threat.  More pictures are in the Gallery.  What a sweet disposition and wonderful spinning fiber!  He has been SOLD and has a sweet new owner in East Texas. 

Previous Crias (continued)

Diamond Girl  
Abbie unexpectedly went into labor the second week-end of February.  She wasn't due until around the 27th.  With much help, a beautiful Valentine was born at 4 pm, 02/14/09, Triple T's Diamond Girl.  She weighed 28 lbs at birth, is charcoal gray, has a white blaze and neck, with black around her eyes.  She was premature and slow about learning the sucking action, but was soon gulping it down and growing.  Sadly, Diamond Girl's mom, Abbie, passed away the following night.  She had a very difficult labor but worked hard to help her cria.  Abbie was so sweet and affectionate and we really miss her!  Below is Diamond Girl at 24 hours old.  With all the JOY of raising llamas, sadness comes, too.  Diamond Girl lived to be almost ten months old.  With the 40+ inches of rain in three months and then several really cold snaps, Diamond Girl became ill with pneumonia.   Strong antibiotics did not save her and she passed away.  She was the sweetest and most loved!


 Triple T's Demitazza
Tazzie (pronounced like Ozzie) was the first cria of JoJo and the first to be born on our farm.  That was the most exciting day!  We were jumping for joy and calling the neighbors to come and see.  Tazzie was gelded and sold to a nice family in East Texas.  


Texanna made her arrival on Texas Independence Day while we were away at work.  I drove up and saw little white legs under Dolly’s brown legs.  All the girls were gathered around, which is a sure sign that something is going on!  She was just beautiful!!  She now lives in Henderson, Tx, with Tammy and Dale Koonce.


Lily was the daughter of Holly and being due on Easter Sunday that year, she was a beautiful High Acres Lily of the Valley. 


Here are Tazzie and Lily after a training session.  Notice the tire tubes attached to the fence of the catch pen.  These work as wonderful tools for training young and old llamas.


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