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John and I live in East Texas, south of Marshall, in the community of Elysian Fields.  We have been raising llamas for several years now and dearly love our gentle giants. 

In the springtime, several years ago, we took a week-end vacation to Fredericksburg, Tx, and met Deloris and Jack Gardner, of High Acres Llamas.  They introduced us to their llamas and we thoroughly enjoyed the curious, yet quiet and shy nature of their girls.  I immediately knew that I wanted one.  Then I found out that you can’t have just one.  Llamas are companion animals and need a llama buddy to talk to, to socialize with, and to warn each other of any imposing predator.  Some llamas are used as guard animals and that becomes their job, but they are most happy with another llama pasture mate.  I cannot sell a llama knowing that it will be the only livestock in the pasture.

After a year of researching the needs of llamas, their behavior, the costs, and asking a million questions of Deloris Gardner, my sweet, patient friend and mentor, I realized that I was ready for the commitment.  Being a weaver, spinner and overall fiber addict, my husband John suggested that I grow my own fiber.  That was all the encouragement that I needed to get started.  Within months we became the proud owners of our first three llamas.  As for the name, Triple T, it stands for my husband, John, myself, and God, who allows us to enjoy and share all that we have.

John and I also raise longhorn cattle, a few spanish and boer goats, and a standard poodle, Jesse-dog. We care about all of our animals, but as you become acquainted with llamas, beware, you might fall in love.  

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our llamas or just want to visit about llamas in general.  We are constantly learning about these wonderful creatures and are happy for you to come and meet them. 

We have Triple T's Llama Beans (pulverized manure) and Worm Castings FOR SALE!!  See the What's For Sale and Basic Care pages for more information.  Let us know if you're interested in trying out this wonderful soil amendment for your garden. 

Summer has been here and so has the heat!!!  South Central Llama Association offers a brochure, "Heat Stress in Lamas" ILR Brochure #11.  You can read the brochure at the following website:  www.scla.us/heat_stress_in_llamas.  It is very informative and may save your llama's life.  You'll notice in the brochure that they use the spelling "lama" instead of "llama".  This is used when one is referring to llamas and/or alpacas...just a little FYI.